Are you hiring?

I am a Marketing & Business Development expert for IoT, Cloud, Digital, Connected X - looking for new opportunities in Sweden.

Who am I?

I am Marketing and Business Development guy with 20 years of corporate experience in the United States and Europe within IT and Financial Services.

I do Cloud, IoT, anything Digital, anything Connected… delivered via suscription or pay-as-you-grow financing/leasing models. 

I am a service-minded improvement strategist who thrives under pressure. I am a born diplomat with successful negotiation and motivational skills who can glue cross-functional teams together. I am an immersive story-teller aiming to produce valuable human experiences. I am a creative results architect with the ability to sift through the “noise” and deliver actual results. I am a pixel pusher with a keen eye for design and balance, able to deliver and communicate with style.

But at the end of the day, I am just a humble being who has achieved some good things in life and would like to learn more and contribute to an ever-digitalizing society. 

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